Llanelli Photographic Society’s beginnings can be traced back to 1891 from various newspaper articles detailing the meetings and excursions made by the original members. The first meeting being reported on the 11th June, 1891, after a meeting, during May that year, when it was decided to form a society due to the growing number of amateurs partaking of this new pastime.

The founding committee consisted of Mr JH Rogers, President; Mr J Rushton Turnock and Dr Roderick, Hon Secretaries with Mr J Daniell as the treasurer. The Society’s first outing was to Ferryside and Llanstephan, a photo of which appears left. Since then the Society has met in various venues and had much success over the years helping local enthusiasts get more out of this fascinating hobby. See below for further images from the 1890s.

In 2016 The Society will be celebrating it’s 125th Anniversary.

Society Aims

The Society aims are to promote the photographic medium in all it’s guises whether this be as an art form or purely social photography. We strive to create innovative photography and to ensure techniques and skills are passed on to all members in a friendly co-operative environment.

You can see some of our latest work in the Galleries!

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  1. I am looking for a photography club to help me with my photography and enjoy social activities. Is it possible to join?

    1. Hi Clive, my apologies for not getting back sooner. You’re welcome to join us, we meet on Wednesday nights at 7.30pm at Dafen Hall. More details can be found on the contacts page.

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