Amman Valley Battle Results

We are now on 5th June and the 5 way battle at Amman Valley, Ray and myself were there to fly the flag for LPS and it was a successful night coming away with a win. The judge was Kevin Thomas who gave a very fair and detailed critique. The entry was as follows

  • David Rees ‘Eyes of the House’ 16pts
  • Ray Rees ‘Man in the Blue Scarf’ 18pts
  • Arthur Mallett ‘Matterhorn Vista’ 15pts
  • Clive Martin ‘Hey i’m over Here’ 17pts
  • Clive Martin ‘Blue, Green and Yellow’ 20pts
  • Arthur Mallett ‘Misty Morning’ 16pts
  • Joyce Mollet ‘Captured by her Eyes’ 15pts
  • Joyce Mollet ‘A Village Girl’ 17pts

That gave us a total of 134pts in 1st place with Neath in 2nd with 130pts and Amman Valley in 3rd with 128pts. Well done to Clive for his 20pts score and thanks to all who were selected to represent LPS

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