Open Print 2 Winner – Richard Johnson


Richard Johnson was chosen as the winner of the second open print competition of 2014. Leigh Woolford was the judge and he chose his top six as follows:

1. Richard Johnson – Narnia
2. Steve Milton – Ambivalent
3. Richard Johnson – Eye of The Beholder
4. Graham Harries – Urban Rock
5. Jennifer Williams – Flowers In Her Hair
6. Netley Davies – Abandoned

Springwatch Competition Results

On May 22nd the LPS held a fun competition called ‘Springwatch’. Each member had just one hour to head out and come back with their best image which encapsulated spring. Fortunately the weather was kind and 26 members produced a variety of shots and images – with bluebells being a popular choice! All the photos were posted on to a special page on the website so that members could choose their favourites… and here are the results!

[nggallery id=2]

Congratulations to Wim Hollebrandsa who won with his beautiful shot called “Light At The Top”. Yvonne Pace with ‘Mint Sauce’ and Jennifer Williams with ‘Flowers in her hair’ came in joint second. Andrea Rees took fourth spot with ‘Spring Sunshine’ whilst Garry Baker with Spring Water and Ray Rees with Spring Blossom finished joint 5th.

This was a fun challenge that got everyone thinking and using their cameras. A top tip for next time is don’t take photos of bluebells!!

Kidwelly Camera Club Visit LPS

On Wednesday 27th March, Kidwelly Camera Club paid a visit to The LPS. It was a great opportunity to meet up and find out what goes on at other clubs in the region. Usually when clubs meet it’s under competition conditions so this made a change from the norm.

During the evening a number of the Kidwelly members presented images, shared their work and answered questions – thanks to everyone who took part! Amongst the photos were some fantastic wildlife shots, landscapes and montages. The latter providing plenty of food for thought amongst the artistic and creative LPS members.

Talking of food there was a lovely buffet to accompany the evening – so a big thanks to everyone for that. A return trip, when The LPS will head over to Kidwelly, is scheduled for later in the year.

Photo Montage
Montage Tutorials
Kidwelly Camera Club

Photo by Gary Martin!

Llanelli Photographic Society