Cardiff Photomarathon 2013

Recently a couple of members entered the annual Photomarathon in Cardiff, this is an event where you have to take 12 images over a 12 hour period based on 12 themes issued in groups of 4 at 10am, 2pm and 6pm. Then return before 10pm to download your 12 images, which must be in the right order on your card (12 only).
The themes were
1.Entry number/Who am I
2. Poetry
3. Asymmetric
4. Space
5. Out and about
6. Behind the Scenes
7. Animated
8. A bit on the Side
9. Shadow
10. Mixed Message
11. Elegant
12. Another Perspective
Needless to say this taxed the brain considerably, but the weather was great and just over 400 entrants were busy trawling Cardiff and its surrounding area for inspirational images. The exhibition in Cardiff starts on 22nd June at the old library building opposite St Davids Hall and runs until 7th July.

Photomarathon has a Flickr site where some of the entrants have posted there photo’s“.

Maybe next year some more members might like to try it, its tiring but worth the effort.

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