Club Outing 1st April Britton Ferry and Neath

Last Bank Holiday was the latest club outing and attended by about 15 members in 4 cars. First we went to Britton Ferry and walked along the estuary to the end where the old pipelines are, then it was back to McDonalds for a quick refreshment before moving on to the old lighthouse ship in the river near Neath, what a sight and lovely textures for HDR imaging as can already be seen on the Facebook page. But for those who have not seen them hear are a few to ponder over.

Oh and by the way we nearly lost our President when he was about to be locked behind bars when the security closed the gates behind us at Neath.

Day Out at Porthcawl

Another successful day out organised by Gary, this time at Kenfig Nature reserve followed by Porthcawl. It took at least 4 cars to get everyone there even though some got lost and went to the wrong place (no names mentioned)!

Here are some of the images from the day

Club Outing Bury Port

Yesterday we had a small outing to Bury Port organised and led by Gary. The day started with Gary giving a class on aperture and speed settings and there relevance when taking photos. This was done in the sand with his trusty umberella. 

Here are a few images from the day enjoyed by those who attended

Studio Night At The Club

Some members will remember the very informative studio night we had back in June, when Graham kindly showed us the new lights and kit recently added to our list of equipment. here are a couple of images from the night one by Gary and the other by myself.
Ross & Kyle by Arthur Mallett

Ross & Kyle by Gary Martin

Llanelli Photographic Society