Gwynfa Piccadilly Albums 2012 Report

Last night was the Gwynfa Piccadilly Albums competition, which we have won for the last two years. There were 4 clubs entered, Gwynfa, Merthyr, Inn Focus and Llanelli, the comp consisted of two rounds of 6 images one print section and one digital section.
Unfortunately we did not do great we were last in both sections and therefore last overall. The final result was a tie between Merthyr and Inn Focus, who shared the trophy 6 months each.
Our individual results were as follows
Print Section
Bambi Killer by Graham Harries 14pts
Taking a Break by Tony Collis 14pts
Railway Sidings by Arthur Mallett 16pts
Indigo Dye Worker by Joyce Mollet 17pts
Twighlight Years by Joyce Mollet 16pts
No Pallette by Jennifer Williams 17pts
Digital Section
Clowning Around by Steve Milton 19pts
Hear no, See no, Speak no by Graham Harries 17pts
Rain Rain Go Away by Alun Lewis 17pts
Selling Marigolds by Tony Collis 15pts
Shoemaker and his Helper by Joyce Mollet 17pts
Stranded by David Rees 18pts
Interestingly there were a total of 10 natural history images all scoring between 17-20pts and as we don’t do those sort of images, it left us rather short as well as the fact that when our entry was chosen the overall selection available was limited.
So congratulations to all those who were chosen especially to Steve for the highest individual score of 19pts (well deserved)

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