DPI Competitions – How To Size Your Images

It is a strict rule that images entered into LPS Digital Projected Image Competitions are resized and converted to JPEG format before being submitted.

This is also true of Welsh Photographic Federation Competitions and is generally true for other organisations. The file size must be no bigger than 1400 in width for landscape or 1050 pixels in height for portrait images. This will give a file size less than 2 megabyte in size.

It is important that we all follow this rule to prevent the argument of whether or not some people are gaining a competition advantage by keeping larger file sizes.

The opposite is certainly true if you reduce your image by too much. Neglect of this rule may lead to disqualification.

The directions below will provide you with the step by steps you will need to resize your images in Photoshop for club projected image competitions and forums.

Open PhotoShop (or equivalent graphics package) and open your image by going to file, open and choose the file you want to work with.

Go to Image on the menu bar and choose Image Size.

The Image Size dialog box will open. If the dimensions are in inches then click on the down arrow and choose pixels. (to use pixels all of the time without having to change it go to File on the menu bar and down to Preferences, and click on Units and Rulers. Click on the down arrow next to units and choose pixels and click on OK.)

If your image is in LANDSCAPE format type in the width box 1400 (pixels) for the image you want to use. For PORTRAIT format type in the height box 1050. Make sure constrain proportions box is ticked because if it isn’t and you change the width, the height dimensions will not be automatically changed to correspond. Or vice versa.

There is no need to change anything in the print size section unless the image is going to print. Resolution can be left at 72. Click on OK.

Go to file and choose save as a copy. This is important if you don’t want to lose the original image. It is helpful to give it a different name to the original so you can quickly tell which is which. The title you use will be it’s title in the competition.

Click on the down arrow where it says save as and choose JPEG or jpg.
Now save your image to CDR or CDRW, memory stick/pen drive, or even better email to the competition organiser (if requested).

From an original post made by Andrew Lloyd.

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