Mailing List

Members of LPS can stay in touch and up to date via our mailing list and private Facebook Group. As of February 2015 we have switched off the old Yahoo Group and moved to a simpler email system powered by Emaildodo.

All paid up members will be added automatically to the list. There’s no subscribing to be done – just make sure you’ve given your email address.

Archives & Digests

Unlike the Yahoo system, the new mailing system does not offer archiving and digest facilities.

Problems With Emails

If you are not receiving emails then you may need to check your ‘spam’ folders just in case any LPS emails are being filtered out by your mailing program or ISP.

If you are still not receiving emails or believe there’s a problem, .


The new mailing system should send attachments without any issues.

I Still Need Help

For most people the above will work wonderfully and they’ll never be any issues. However, email lists, ISPs and computers regularly conspire to be a problem. If you run into difficulties then .

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