WPF Salon 2013 Results

Update of a few minutes ago, we only won the ‘Gwyn Morgan Trophy’ for the best panel of prints, also Best colour print with Steve Milton and I myself won a judges choice award. Fantastic well done everybody. Full details can be seen on The WPF.

We had the prints back from the Salon selection, which took place over the weekend and after collating the returns I can report subject to confirmation the following acceptances for prints, These are all now confirmed.

A total of 30 colour and 12 monochrome were submitted and 12 were accepted, which represents a 28.5% acceptance the best result since 2007 when I began organising the club entry.

In the colour section we had the following (Gwyn Morgan Trophy Winners)

Clive Martin 2
Steve Milton 2 (Best Colour Print)
Arthur Mallett 2 (Judges Award)
Graham Harries 2
Jennifer Williams 1
Alun Lewis 1

In the Monochrome section we had

Peter Francis 2

Digital 16 entered 4 acceptances 25% well done again

Arthur Mallett 2
Clive Martin 1
Graham Harries 1

Well done to all who entered and especially the members who were successful, I will update this blog once we have the full results including the digital section.

One last report is that it is rumoured that Steve Milton has won a special award for his ‘Material Girl’ image, however we await confirmation of this. Fingers crossed Steve. I can now confirm that indeed he did win the ‘Best Colour Print’ – Well done Steve!

This is a copy of the entry just posted on The WPF! WOW WOW WOW. Massive congratulations to the Llanelli PS.

The results of the 2013 Welsh Salon of Photography have been collated and the judges (Graeme Webb EFIAP, EPSA. Kate Webb EFIAP, EPSA and Phil Davies EFIAP, Hon FWPF, UPI 1crown) have accepted a total of 141 prints (92 colour and 49 monochrome) and 131 digital images. (Note, Phil Davies replaced Ann Davies who was unwell on the weekend that the adjudication took place).

The Gwyn Morgan Trophy for the best panel of six prints was won by Llanelli Photographic Society and the Walter Morgan Trophy for the best panel of six digital images was won by Inn Focus Group.

The seventeen headline awards and thirteen highly commended awards were shared among 25 different photographers, they being: Arthur Mallett, Barry Hill, Brian Sewell, Chris Powell, Coltrane Koh, David Norton, Ed Cloutman, Gareth Martin, Gary Howells, Gerwyn Williams, Gwynfryn Jones, Ian Munro, Jenny Hibbert, John Cooke, Leigh Woolford, Matthew Jones, Neville Thomas, Nick Walton, Norman Cahill, Ron Lines, Roy Peters, Sam Warr, Siddhesh Ghag, Steve Milton and Tom Dee.

A special mention must go to to Sam Warr of Ebbw Vale who won the Under 25 Award for his photograph entitled ‘The Victorian Gentleman’. Sam is 16.

The opening ceremony and presentation of awards will take place at Pontypridd Museum on 7th May at 6.30pm and the exhibition will run until the end of May.

WPF Salon 2013

I have just finished collating the entry for this years Salon, unfortunately it is the smallest entry yet since I have been doing it.

There were a total of 10 members entered, with 30 Colour prints, 12 Monochrome and 16 digital. This meant that we could not enter the digital club competition as we did not have enough members entering (4) six are needed to pick a selection from. So we are only entered in the 6 print club competition.

Keep your eyes peeled for the results, some time in late March/early April

WPF Salon 2012 Entry

The results are in and can be seen on the WPF web site. It would seem that we have redeemed ourselves from previous years and this year we have an acceptance of 17.5% more in line with our results of several years ago..
The 11 accepted in the print section are as follows
Alun Lewis 2 x Colour
Clive Martin 1 x Colour
Graham Harries 2 x Colour
Joyce Mollet 4 x Colour and 2 x B&W with one image gaining a HC
In the Digital section we had 3 images accepted
Gary Martin
Joyce Mollet
Tony Collis
So overall a total of 14 out of 80 entries
Well done to all those who gained acceptances and hard luck to those who did not, better luck next year
Llanelli Photographic Society