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This a copy of an entry on the WPF Website relating to a recent competition. We sent copies of our library of images and one was selected for another competition

‘Holy Island’ by Clive Martin, WELL DONE CLIVE

I entered Wales in the 27th PDI Biennial held in Luxembourg.
It`s not easy to pick the images as you have to have a title for the entry and each image must match the title and form a cohesive group within that topic.  You get marks for each image, marks for how it matches the title and a ‘Coherence’ mark for how the entry all fits together. You`d be amazed at how you can often end up with 17 great images that match really well but sadly you need 20!  Choosing the title is also difficult. I initially chose ‘Portraits’ but a mixture of colour and monochrome seemed odd and some had one person in and some two. It all seemed wrong, with not too much coherence.  Eventually after much thought I went for ‘Emotions’ which allowed a mixture of tones and images in a better way. I tried to pick images with ‘expression’ but often what I thought was a very expressive image did not appeal to the judges!

We did very well however and came 6th overall.  Brilliant!  We were awarded an honourable mention and one member, Ian Ledgard, won a Bronze Medal as well.

Belgium won the world cup with 218 points, Italy were second with 207 points and we had 184 points.  Each entrant will receive a disk with all entries on.  They judge as all internationals out of 15,  and any images that didn`t score 7 or over is sadly not included on the disk.  The two top entries are fabulous.

Here are our entries and scores

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