PhotoEntry is a subscription based web application that LPS uses for managing our photography competitions.

To enter any of our competitions you must submit your DPI competition entries and digital version of your print competition entries into PhotoEntry.

Before you use PhotoEntry for the first time, make sure you know your username and password. Your username will usually be your email address.

To submit your entries to PhotoEntry:

  1. Login at
  2. From the Main Menu, select the Competition Group
  3. Select the Competition you wish to enter. You can only submit/change/delete entries when the Competition is Open
  4. Check the number of entries that you are allowed for this Competition. It is shown as “Entries Allowed” on the entry screen. The number of entries varies by Competition.
  5. Check to ensure that your images are in the correct state to be uploaded.
  6. Click on Add New Entry
  7. Supply a Title (watch out for the limited characters you can use), optionally supply a Reference, and select the publishing options and click Save
  8. Upload the correct number of images. This will normally be one image per entry, but could be higher (e.g. for a 3-of-a kind competition)
  9. Check that the image uploads without error – you may receive warning messages about size and colour profile etc so check that you are happy with the upload. If you click on the uploaded image you will see a full size version of your image.
  10. Add further entries if you want to and have not already reached the limit. The “Add New Entry” button will only be visible when the Competition is Open and you are allowed more entries. – It is ok to only add 1 entry and leave any others blank

if you have any questions about this, please send an email to

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