Variety is the spice of photography!

We may be the oldest camera club in Wales but we are far from a typical camera club!

We have regular meetings covering all aspects of photography. Through the years we have had guests covering all genres of photography from passionate hobbyists, professionals and brand ambassadors to those who just have an interesting visual story to tell! During the summer months, we make the most of the long evenings & take our meetings and cameras on location. Our meetings take place on Wednesday evenings but many of our members also love to head off on day or weekend trips with their cameras. We have such a great community feeling that we’ve also been known to head off to such stunning locations as Iceland & Tuscany for a week long adventure!

Here you’ll see some of our group enjoying what we do best at LPS, enjoying our photography!

Ronnie, Yvonne & Colin searching for the elusive Ed amongst the Gower sunflowers!

Ed & Graham chat with fellow wedding photographer & guest Owen Mathias during the coffee break!

Ray flashing on the beach with his big lens!

When Army photographer Jon Bavan joined us for the night Ed could not resist dressing up in Jon’s combat kit!

LPS’s Jamie poses for Ed on one of our creative camera workshops!

Looking through the viewfinder of Ed’s camera at what we do well at LPS, standing around talking!

Ian trying his hand at some macro photography on one of our many workshop evenings!

Ray flashing his big lens once again! This time it’s on the front page of the Llanelli Star.

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Llanelli Photographic Society