Amman Valley Battle Results

We are now on 5th June and the 5 way battle at Amman Valley, Ray and myself were there to fly the flag for LPS and it was a successful night coming away with a win. The judge was Kevin Thomas who gave a very fair and detailed critique. The entry was as follows

  • David Rees ‘Eyes of the House’ 16pts
  • Ray Rees ‘Man in the Blue Scarf’ 18pts
  • Arthur Mallett ‘Matterhorn Vista’ 15pts
  • Clive Martin ‘Hey i’m over Here’ 17pts
  • Clive Martin ‘Blue, Green and Yellow’ 20pts
  • Arthur Mallett ‘Misty Morning’ 16pts
  • Joyce Mollet ‘Captured by her Eyes’ 15pts
  • Joyce Mollet ‘A Village Girl’ 17pts

That gave us a total of 134pts in 1st place with Neath in 2nd with 130pts and Amman Valley in 3rd with 128pts. Well done to Clive for his 20pts score and thanks to all who were selected to represent LPS

Swansea Battle Results

On the 3rd of June we had the Swansea Battle between 10 clubs, our entry was from

  • Steve Milton ‘Colour Rock’ 18pts
  • Joyce Mollet ‘Shepherd in Rahjastan’ 18pts
  • Peter Francis ‘Marsh Pride Lion’ 18pts
  • Graham Harries ‘Cwmorthin’ 17pts
  • Arthur Mallett ‘Glacier Express’ 16pts

That left us with 87pts total and =6th place. The winners were Abertawe with 94pts, 2nd were Barry with 92pts and 3rd  Tenby with 91pts. Abertawe also won the best print trophy. The judge was Martin Pinches.

Well done to all who were selected to represent the club and thanks to the numerous members who were there to cheer the club on

Barrian Cup Results

1st June was the annual Barrian Cup run by Barry CC, unfortunately I was unable to attend but Dave Paskin was there to represent the Club. We had 5 prints entered.

‘Morning Mist’ by Arthur Mallett 17pts

‘Holy Island’ by Clive Martin 17pts

‘Firestarter’ by Graham Harries 17pts

‘Amphu Labsta Pass Himalayas’ by John Ellis 18pts

‘Boy Monk’ by Peter Francis 15pts

This gave us 84 pts and left us in 15th= position, the comp was won by Inn Focus with 96pts, 2nd was Gwynfa 92pts and 3rd Thornbury 91pts.




Ken Jones Trophy

On the 29th May we held the third Ken Jones Trophy to celebrate one of our past members, again Mark Mathias (nephew) was in attendance to watch the proceedings and award the trophy to the winner. We had a very good entry of approx 48 prints all on the theme of Monochrome/B&W. Our judge for the night was Rob Mitchell who gave a sterling critique and the outstanding winner was John Ellis with a wonderful shot from the Himalayas.

From the left Judge Rob Mitchell, John Ellis and Mark Mathias


Springwatch Competition Results

On May 22nd the LPS held a fun competition called ‘Springwatch’. Each member had just one hour to head out and come back with their best image which encapsulated spring. Fortunately the weather was kind and 26 members produced a variety of shots and images – with bluebells being a popular choice! All the photos were posted on to a special page on the website so that members could choose their favourites… and here are the results!

[nggallery id=2]

Congratulations to Wim Hollebrandsa who won with his beautiful shot called “Light At The Top”. Yvonne Pace with ‘Mint Sauce’ and Jennifer Williams with ‘Flowers in her hair’ came in joint second. Andrea Rees took fourth spot with ‘Spring Sunshine’ whilst Garry Baker with Spring Water and Ray Rees with Spring Blossom finished joint 5th.

This was a fun challenge that got everyone thinking and using their cameras. A top tip for next time is don’t take photos of bluebells!!

Club Outing 1st April Britton Ferry and Neath

Last Bank Holiday was the latest club outing and attended by about 15 members in 4 cars. First we went to Britton Ferry and walked along the estuary to the end where the old pipelines are, then it was back to McDonalds for a quick refreshment before moving on to the old lighthouse ship in the river near Neath, what a sight and lovely textures for HDR imaging as can already be seen on the Facebook page. But for those who have not seen them hear are a few to ponder over.

Oh and by the way we nearly lost our President when he was about to be locked behind bars when the security closed the gates behind us at Neath.

Kidwelly Camera Club Visit LPS

On Wednesday 27th March, Kidwelly Camera Club paid a visit to The LPS. It was a great opportunity to meet up and find out what goes on at other clubs in the region. Usually when clubs meet it’s under competition conditions so this made a change from the norm.

During the evening a number of the Kidwelly members presented images, shared their work and answered questions – thanks to everyone who took part! Amongst the photos were some fantastic wildlife shots, landscapes and montages. The latter providing plenty of food for thought amongst the artistic and creative LPS members.

Talking of food there was a lovely buffet to accompany the evening – so a big thanks to everyone for that. A return trip, when The LPS will head over to Kidwelly, is scheduled for later in the year.

Photo Montage
Montage Tutorials
Kidwelly Camera Club

Photo by Gary Martin!

WPF Salon 2013 Results

Update of a few minutes ago, we only won the ‘Gwyn Morgan Trophy’ for the best panel of prints, also Best colour print with Steve Milton and I myself won a judges choice award. Fantastic well done everybody. Full details can be seen on The WPF.

We had the prints back from the Salon selection, which took place over the weekend and after collating the returns I can report subject to confirmation the following acceptances for prints, These are all now confirmed.

A total of 30 colour and 12 monochrome were submitted and 12 were accepted, which represents a 28.5% acceptance the best result since 2007 when I began organising the club entry.

In the colour section we had the following (Gwyn Morgan Trophy Winners)

Clive Martin 2
Steve Milton 2 (Best Colour Print)
Arthur Mallett 2 (Judges Award)
Graham Harries 2
Jennifer Williams 1
Alun Lewis 1

In the Monochrome section we had

Peter Francis 2

Digital 16 entered 4 acceptances 25% well done again

Arthur Mallett 2
Clive Martin 1
Graham Harries 1

Well done to all who entered and especially the members who were successful, I will update this blog once we have the full results including the digital section.

One last report is that it is rumoured that Steve Milton has won a special award for his ‘Material Girl’ image, however we await confirmation of this. Fingers crossed Steve. I can now confirm that indeed he did win the ‘Best Colour Print’ – Well done Steve!

This is a copy of the entry just posted on The WPF! WOW WOW WOW. Massive congratulations to the Llanelli PS.

The results of the 2013 Welsh Salon of Photography have been collated and the judges (Graeme Webb EFIAP, EPSA. Kate Webb EFIAP, EPSA and Phil Davies EFIAP, Hon FWPF, UPI 1crown) have accepted a total of 141 prints (92 colour and 49 monochrome) and 131 digital images. (Note, Phil Davies replaced Ann Davies who was unwell on the weekend that the adjudication took place).

The Gwyn Morgan Trophy for the best panel of six prints was won by Llanelli Photographic Society and the Walter Morgan Trophy for the best panel of six digital images was won by Inn Focus Group.

The seventeen headline awards and thirteen highly commended awards were shared among 25 different photographers, they being: Arthur Mallett, Barry Hill, Brian Sewell, Chris Powell, Coltrane Koh, David Norton, Ed Cloutman, Gareth Martin, Gary Howells, Gerwyn Williams, Gwynfryn Jones, Ian Munro, Jenny Hibbert, John Cooke, Leigh Woolford, Matthew Jones, Neville Thomas, Nick Walton, Norman Cahill, Ron Lines, Roy Peters, Sam Warr, Siddhesh Ghag, Steve Milton and Tom Dee.

A special mention must go to to Sam Warr of Ebbw Vale who won the Under 25 Award for his photograph entitled ‘The Victorian Gentleman’. Sam is 16.

The opening ceremony and presentation of awards will take place at Pontypridd Museum on 7th May at 6.30pm and the exhibition will run until the end of May.

Awards Dinner 2013

Today was the annual awards dinner this year held at Alitalia and organised by Roy Watkins. There was a reasonable turn out of approx 35 members and guests.

After the meal the main event of the evening was the presentation of the trophies for 2012. Peter Francis and Joyce Mollet both walked away with 3 awards each, Arthur Lees walked away with 2 and Graham, Alun, Netley, Jennifer, Tony, Clive and Gary all got one.

The presentations ended with the prestigious Beginner of the Year award, which this time went to Jo Seaward (well done Jo).

2012 Winners
Monthly Print overall points scorer
Pete Francis
Monthly Digital overall points scorer
Alun Lewis
Print of the Year
Netley Davies
Digital Projected of the year
Graham Harries
Five Prints Panel
Joyce Mollet
Five Projected Images Panel
Joyce Mollet
Audio-Visual Presentation
Pete Francis
Special Effects
Jennifer Williams
Nautical Challenge
Arthur Mallett
Clive Martin
Best Exhibition Print
Arthur Lees
Best Exhibition Monochrome
Arthur Lees
Best Exhibition Colour (George Shaw Rose Bowl)
Tony Collis
Beginner of the Year
Jo Seaward
Photographer of the Year
Peter Francis
Ivor Russell Trophy
Joyce Mollet
Ken Jones Memorial Trophy
Gary Martin
Happy Winners 6 Trophies between them
Smiles all Round

Day Out at Porthcawl

Another successful day out organised by Gary, this time at Kenfig Nature reserve followed by Porthcawl. It took at least 4 cars to get everyone there even though some got lost and went to the wrong place (no names mentioned)!

Here are some of the images from the day